Organisation is a key element of running any business. Crucial to being organised involves knowing where every important document is when it's needed. As the quantity of files grow for most businesses, it becomes harder to locate files quickly when needed. Therefore it is necessary to have a strategy in place that keeps these documents properly stored.
To help with that process, more and more businesses are employing a document management solution that stores all of their files electronically, and provides the tools they need to organize, edit and share those documents.

Our Support & Guidance Services


We perform configuration of all systems we install to suit each client’s specific needs. This means that your documents are stored exactly how you want, meaning easy retrieval. However future upgrades to your products are seamless and hassle free.

Guidance & Advice

We understand the challenges that can be faced when managing large volumes of documents, whether they are paper or electronic. That’s why we offer advice, assistance and guidance in how best to manage your documents. We guide you through the complete process of implementing an Electronic Document Management system. By close consultation with end users we develop a solution that works for your business.

Premium Support

Wesfile provides unrivalled support to all its clients including remote access support to solve any day-to-day problems you may encounter. We also carry out on-site support and training to ensure you realise the full potential of your Document Management Solution. .