Cloud Document Management provides all of the benefits of an on-premise application without the initial time and expense of onsite server installations and configuration.

As the workplace changes with employees now working in various locations and using different devices, the need to have documents available any where and at any time becomes crucial to ensuring productivity. However can you risk storing your critical business documents in online storage accounts, often employees own accounts with no control over who has viewed or shared a document.

To help with this change in work practices, more and more businesses are employing a cloud document management solution that stores all of their files securely and safely in the cloud and provides the tools they need to manage and control those documents.

WesFile offers the perfect solution to clients looking for a Cloud Document Management Solution with, our dedicated cloud service enables you to move seamlessly to the cloud.


Find The Right Document – Quickly

With an Electronic Document Management system in place you will save vast amounts of time. Even companies that have most of their documents in digital form, but in a traditional folder structure suffer many of the same loss in productivity as businesses with paper-filing systems do because they constantly waste time looking in several folders to find the right document. With our EDM software you can quickly search for a document and have it in seconds.

Store Your Documents – Efficiently

Using our EDM software maximizes your storage space. By archiving your documents to an EDM you can free up valuable space on your servers. While our software uses databases to manage your documents, only index values and document location are stored in the database, keeping the size of the database to a minimum while maintaining its efficiency.

Integrate With Other Applications – Seamlessly

Integration with your current business applications is vital to ensure adoption of an EDM. Our solutions are fully integrated with MS Office, so you can seamlessly add your Word and Excel documents. Additionally it supports the storage of over 250 file formats, and each of these can be opened in its native application directly from the EDM.

Share Your Documents – Easily

Documents stored in our EDM can be shared to both internally and externally. You can easily email PDF copies of documents. Additionally you can provide links to the document, which can be password protected and time limited to maximize security of your documents.


Protect Your Documents

Our EMD solutions allow you to easily create varying levels of document access. Each user can be given individual rights to certain tasks such as viewing, sharing or editing documents. This allows you to have full control of your documents. Additionally you can set retention and destruction policies for your documents ensuring you only discard your documents when you decide.

Save Money on Your Document Storage

Whether you currently store your documents on-site or off-site, you can save significant time and money with an Electronic Document Management system. On-site storage space can be freed up for other uses or off-site storage costs can be eliminated by electronically storing all your documents.