Most business now realise the importance of data. It is a necessity to successfully mange and run your business.

While much data is now in electronic form and easy to manipulate and analyse, significant amounts of data is still paper based and therefore either useless or requires manual data entry to become usable. Even some forms of electronic documents are difficult to manage. Our automated data capture services can transform the way you currently manage paper based data, saving you significant time and money.



Most businesses realise that email messages are important business records. However few have integrated it into their overall information management strategy. Using our in-built mail manager filing and retrieving enterprise wide email becomes a simple task. User-defined policies filter out unwanted email allowing you to maximise storage space, while complying with industry regulations.


Optional Character Recognition (OCR) allows the capture of any type of data or information from paper documents. Full text OCR enables complete digital digital archiving of any type of document. With the ability to perform full text searches on scanned documents facilitating tasks such as eDiscovery.


E-Forms are an extremely accurate and efficient of improving data capture. Any form that is currently in paper format, such as employee expenses, timesheets, leave requests or customer registration can easily be replaced by an e-form. Data entry is then performed by the user avoiding the need to transcribe large amounts of data. Additionally e-form entry can then be incorporated with workflows to begin any business process.