We have extensive experience in working with a wide range of businesses in both the public and private sectors. Our Electronic Document Management Services and Solutions have transformed the way numerous organisations deal with documents. We work closely with all of our clients to form a solution that works for you. Below is a list of some of the sectors we have worked closely with. However an EDM solution is applicable to any business, as documents form the cornerstone of all organisations.



Our solutions have been used to manage large volumes of patient records by both public hospitals and private consultants. With an Electronic Document Management solution individual patient records can be quickly accessed and additionally ranges or groups of records can be easily found. As confidentiality is of utmost importance in relation to medical records, in-built document security access levels ensure the security of all records.


Legal firms traditionally collect, store and analyze huge volumes of documents and information. Dealing with all of those cases, matters, contracts and agreements is challenging. Utilising an EDM can provide instant access to all of the information you need so you can spend more time on your business and less time on managing your filing.


Given the vast amount of documentation associated with student records and examinations, schools and educational administrative bodies can quickly become swamped with documentation. Our EDM solutions have been utilised by numerous education institutions to successfully manage and store student records along with employee records.


The construction industry is traditionally a document heavy one. This can lead to headaches for the professionals involved in managing and tracking documents. Successful implementation of an EDM can transform tender processes along with the complex procurement and payment processes associated with services and materials. Utilising Workflow technologies incorporated in our solutions, can dramatically simplify the handling of delivery dockets, invoices and personnel timesheets.


Our EDM software has been successfully implemented by numerous Insurance companies to increase productivity and reduce costs. Features such as Document Association can be hugely beneficial in having all documents relating to a claim or customer at your fingertips. Additionally compliance with regulations in the industry become easier to manage using in-built destruction and retention policies.


Regardless of your industry the ultimate goal of any manufacturer is to ensure consistent quality. Maintaining quick access to the correct information is crucial to that process. Our EDM software makes managing processes, SOPs and CAPAs simple and efficient while allowing the right people to access the right information instantly.