Our Scanning Service

Collection & Return/Destruction

We collect your documents from your premises, log all boxes and containers and transport them to our scanning bureau. After scanning is complete we can securely destroy your documents using our reputable shredding partner. Alternatively if you need to retain physical copies of your documents we can return them to you in their original format.

Document Indexing

The key to scanning documents is indexing. Document indexing captures data so you can quickly and easily retrieve your scanned documents. Accurate indexing ensures that your digitized documents are located quickly and delivered to your computer screen in seconds. Without exact indexing, a scanned image is as useful as a lost paper document. Our skilled staff add unique document identifiers to your electronic documents. These identifiers are agreed with you in advance to ensure the indexing best matches your business requirements.

EDM Importing

Once your documents are scanned and indexed we transfer the files in encrypted format to you for importation into your Electronic Document Management (EDM) package. You can now access your documents at any time from any Web browser. Additionally you can now easily add to your scanned documents yourself using your EDM software.

Security & Confidentiality

All client documents are treated with the utmost confidentiality, care and attention. All of our employees and business associates sign confidentiality agreements and abide by strict confidentiality standards. All of our electronic documents are encrypted using secure encryption technology to ensure your documents remain secure at all times.

We have been carrying out high-volume scanning and indexing of a wide range of documents for over 15 years. We have the ability to scan all your documents: from size A8 to A0; black & white or colour; single or double sided. From our head office in Galway we provide range of services nationwide, that include


  • Document Scanning
  • Invoice Scanning
  • Large Format Scannning
  • Book Scanning
  • Mailroom Scanning
  • Form/Survery Scanning
  • Intelligent Data Capture



Our professionally trained staff and state-of-the-art software and hardware enable us to meet your document management needs on time and within budget. We can also, if required, scan your documents at your premises.