Wesfile's Automated Invoice Processing service enables businesses to eradicate costly, error prone accounts payable processes, such as document handling and manual invoice entry, transforming these traditional starting points of Accounts Payable by providing 100% electronic invoice information from day one, irrespective of how your supplier sends the purchase invoice - Paper, PDF, Email. All seamlessly integrated into your current finance, ERP or ECM systems

Our Automated Invoice Processing Service

Document Delivery

Documents can be delivered to Wesfile for processing by a number of different methods. Large volume hard copy invoices can be collected. For smaller quantities these can be scanned and transferred securely to Wesfile. PDF invoices can be automatically forwarded to Wesfile for processing.

Invoice Data Capture

Using specialist software we extract the relevant information from the invoice. Extracted information will typically include P.O. Number, Invoice Number, Date, Total and Net Amount. However we can specifically tailor the data capture to extract whatever information required by you. Data capture in done using advanced OCR engines that are highly accurate, if a certain field can not be found this is automatically forwarded for manual post-processing.

Importing to Accounts Software

Once your invoices are fully processed the end result is an image file and a corresponding data file. This data file, typically an XML or CSV file can now be imported directly to your accounts package or your ERP system. Integration is possible with virtually any package and has been successfully used with many of the most common packages like SAGE®, Quickbooks® and SAP®.

Security & Confidentiality

All client documents are treated with the utmost confidentiality, care and attention. All of our employees and business associates sign confidentiality agreements and abide by strict confidentiality standards. All of our electronic documents are encrypted using secure encryption technology to ensure your documents remain secure at all times.